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Sarah Paye

Lead Consultant


My Story

I’m Sarah and back in the day I was a qualified nurse. For many reasons I left nursing and ended up running my own business with 12 staff. A car accident leaving me with injuries made us decide to sell up and move to Spain for a better life. Much retraining later I became a qualified nail technician and intimate waxer.

I was previously a jar candle addict, but when we moved out of our old house I had to redecorate every room where there had been a candle. It got me thinking - what might my lungs be like?? As a nurse it worried me, but at the time, there was no affordable alternative.

I had intended to start my Scentsy journey way earlier, but my Dad in Singapore was dying of terminal cancer so I went to care for him so he could pass peacefully at home.

I now work my wax business from my candle free home which of course is full of Scentsy. I have my wax and nail room in my house which always smells amazing so anyone who arrives is naturally asking what that lovely fragrance is. There seemed to be synergy for me to be putting wax on people to remove body hair and selling fragranced wax back to them.

I live with my husband and 4 cats. Amazing thing is, I’ve squeezed in so much and I’m still only 27 :-)

I’m fun, I promise I don’t smell of cat wee and would love to have you join me on my Scentsy journey. Having been a nurse and had 12 staff I’m no stranger to team work and if a bit of gin tasting happens along the way, that would make my day!

My Favourite Scents